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Jack & Jones

In 1990 is Jack & Jones begonnen als merk voor herenmode.
Jack & Jones is nu een van de grootste merken voor herenkleding en heeft meer dan 1.000 winkels in 38 landen in Europa, Canada, Azië en India.


Jeans brand JACK & JONES JEANS INTELLIGENCE has launched a new spring jeans collection that rethinks the traditional way to work with denim. The new collection is available in stores and online from February 15, 2016.

JACK & JONES JEANS INTELLIGENCE was built on a vision to rethink high-quality and innovative jeanswear and make it more accessible and affordable. This is exactly what we prove with the Denim Innovation campaign for spring 2016.


To stay on top of our game, we continuously explore the latest trends and developments in treatment technologies. The three focus concepts in our Denim Innovation campaign; the flexible Super Stretch, the comfortable Indigo Knit and the revolutionary Ice Blast, all demonstrate how we rethink denim through treatment and fabric innovation.

  • Super Stretch is new and extremely flexible JACK & JONES denim that never gets saggy. It contains an innovative fibre mix; elastane makes the denim stretch to extreme dimensions while polyester ensures that your jeans keep their shape.
  • The innovative Indigo Knit fabric offers the best of both worlds. It’s a woven fabric that looks and fades like denim, but it has the comfort of knitted jersey sweatpants. The Indigo Knit weave allows us to use denim treatments such as 3D shaping and stonewashing to create the naturally worn-in look.
  • Ice Blast is a new treatment concept that rethinks the worn look. We use dry ice at a chilling -78°C to blast away the colour of the fabric resulting in a brighter fade. Since the dry ice is made from CO2, the water will evaporate from the fabric, eliminating the need for post-treatment rinsing. This means we save both water and energy.


JACK & JONES was established in 1990 and has more than 1,000 stores all over Europe, Canada, the Middle East and India. JACK & JONES is part of the worldwide fashion company BESTSELLER.